Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So turns out the thief has a soft spot. I said in my last post that they took my tool kit. Well it looks like they used it to remove the stereo, then kindly returned the kit to the back seat. Isn't that nice? The police officer who came to look at my car got a good laugh out of them when I told him. He said, "Yeah, sometimes these people aren't all that smart. Those tools were probably worth more than the stereo." :)

Also in the world of good news, I still have my MoTab CD! I had forgotten that I brought it inside on Sunday to listen to it. Tender mercies! :)

The hole that was once home of my least they didn't cut the wires.

If you're going to be nice enough to return the tool kit, can't you at least tidy up the glove box that you tore apart? My car is messy enough as it is! :)


Tammy said...

Too bad you can't sell it to the missionaries who don't need a stereo anyway! I'm so sorry. It's a yucky feeling to feel violated.

Josh-Sally-Annabelle Yates said...

This is awful! I noticed on my way into the building yesterday that they had posted signs warning us to lock our car doors and lock our apartment windows because of the recent vandalism and theft. And I just got a new car, aaahhhhh the timing! Now I am totally freaked out and even more motivated to find us a house far away from here.