Saturday, February 28, 2009

A tribute to onion rings

I love onion rings. In fact, I love onions! I never appreciated what they add to food until I moved into my apartment, where one of my roommates is allergic to them...not just eating them...she even reacts to the smell). As a result, we don't have any oniony foods in our apartment. I've found that it's really hard to find food that doesn't have onions in them! Now when I go out to eat, I don't say, "hold the onions!" I don't even pick them off my sandwich. I EAT them! Yum!Last week I was put in charge of bringing fried cauliflower to a party. My roommate Annie and I went to Lon's Cookin Shack in Provo to get the cauliflower (did you know they sell fried cauliflower at Lon's Cookin Shack in Provo?) While waiting to order we decided to order onion rings. Yes we were on our way to a party. Yes there was going to be a lot of food there. But we REALLY needed some onions. We had both had a really long day at work, and I well you what...those onion rings were DELICIOUS!!! We were so happy as we sat out in the driveway of the house where the party was being held.Moral of the story: onion rings make Shannon happy!

Note: I know this post was grammatically awful, but I don't care :)
This post is dedicated to Cheryl


Mel said...

amen Shannon, I feel the same about onion rings, and even though onions don't like me, I'm no hater, I like them, even to the point of love....just thought you should know that we have that in common. It was fun to see you this morning! :)

Cristi said...

wow, if you're worried about blog grammar you shouldn't ever read my blog. My grammar is terrible!
P.S. I love onions too. I didn't know how much I loved them until I married Trent and found out how much he loved them. I started using them more in my cooking and realized how yummy they are!

Heather said...

You are so silly. Your blog posts make me laugh so hard. We need to catch up on some stuff. Let's visit or chat on our new phones :)

Tammy said...

Shouldn't have read your post on Fast Sunday! Yummy! We'll have to go get onion rings when you're here in April!!! Woo hoo! That's NEXT month!

Kristy said...

You crack me up! I love them too, but ever since having kids I can't eat those Awesome Blossoms or any other kind of onion ring. So sad! FYI, before settling on Mr. Right, you may want to ask him how he feels about onions. If he isn't a big fan, that could be a deal breaker!

Katie said...

I LOVE onion rings. And I also never really appreciated onions, my family doesn't like them so we never ate them. Then one day I had an onion ring and now my life will never be the same.

Laura Lucille said...

Oh, boy. I love onion rings, too! There's this diner in Atlanta that is known for their onion rings, made fresh daily from GA vidalia onions. Let's go.

Oh, and fried cauliflower? Never heard of it, but must try.

Josh-Sally-Annabelle Yates said...

Remember the carameled onion in seminary? Your mom was the best! I must admit, I love onion rings too. Seeing those pictures makes me and the babe want some right now. Only problem is, I'm yet to find a place in my little town that has decent ones!

Josh-Sally-Annabelle Yates said...

Ummm, yeah. I'm still afraid of the pop open biscuit things. Not even kidding, I've had to wait to start things for dinner until Josh can get home to open them up for me!

Lauren said...

How come I never knew you loved onion rings? I love onion rings too. I actually think of my self as somewhat of a onion ring connoisseur.You know who has the best onion rings? Cabela's in their cafe. We need to go sometime just to get onion rings. I also really like onion rings from Sonic. But now I need to try Lon's cooking shack. Where are your favorite?

Life's Journey said...

It is so great to see your blog. I haven't seen or heard from you in years! My path to your blog was continuous with the last from your mom's site. I am excited to keep in touch through updated blogs. Hope all is well.

Rick said...

Believe it or not, I use about 8-10 onions A WEEK with my cooking. Who woulda thunk, dad..the cook? I guess I do it cause I love to hear Linda say, "mmmm yummers".
Favorite dishes with onionslately:
Chicken Noodle Soup--sanskibbles n bits! (check Cherilyn's XMas)
Ham n Beans
Fried Potatoes and Onions ..fed
the Elders Sat Morning..they
stay here a day or two each week
Spagetti Sauce
Now I'm hungry..and its only 5 am

Cheryl said...

So maybe i'm slow at reading blogs...but i'm in love with this one...thanks for the dedication. I ate those lovely little gems last night for dinner and I loved every moment!!