Sunday, May 25, 2008

Where I spend my time!

Timberline Middle School My friend Mandy posted pictures of her classroom, and I thought it would be fun to post some of mine so you can see where I've spent my past 2 years. I've had people ask what my room looks like, so here it is! My kids did a deep cleaning on Friday, and you'll never see it this clean again! (until next year anyway!) My room is really long and has two long counters as "desks". The layout has its advantages and disadvantages. It's awfully easy for the kids to text message under the counters without me seeing. But I'm getting really good at recognizing the signs (both hands mysteriously hiding under the desk, guilty faces, a glow coming out from under the table, etc.)

The cupboards have little cubbies in them where the kids can keep their supplies. And no, I didn't make those cute signs. The girl who taught before me a couple years ago made them and I begged her to leave them. :)
Yes, that's a giant sewing machine on the wall. Isn't it awesome? :)
The machines pull out from under the counter. It's quite a sneaky way to store them, but they used tiny screws to attach them, and sometimes they tumble to the ground...not cool. It gets really crowded when you pull out all 39 machines...I'll have to get a picture of that sometime. It's a party :)My desk (I cut out part of the picture because that part hasn't been cleaned yet) :)
Supply closet...organized chaos :)
This is a letter student wrote for me. Before Christmas she asked what I was asking Santa for for Christmas. I told her I didn't have time to write a letter to him, so she wrote one for me. My kids are hilarious (especially since I only have 4 more days until summer break!) :)