Sunday, September 1, 2013

Better brush up on my español

In case you haven't talked to me or haven't seen my cute turtle countdown on the top of my page, you may not know about my next adventure.

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, here I come!

I'm going with the same friends I went with to Ireland.  I don't think it was until tonight that it finally hit that I'm going, and I got really excited.  I've been doing some research and thinking it would be fun, but now it's becoming a little more real as we book hotels and plan a few of the details.  I even thought it would be fun to read the Origin of Species by Darwin as a little preparatory reading.  I changed my mind.  It's not a fun book to read.  Though it does help put me to sleep at paragraph does the trick!
We'll be spending most of our time in the Galapagos with giant turtles, cute penguins, and these funny looking guys they call blue footed boobies.
 Look how massive these turtles are!
I'm also excited to spend a little time exploring some culture and architecture in Quito, Ecuador.

And of course standing on the equator!
 South American has never been high on my destination list, but I'm getting excited for this adventure.


Carie said...

I can't believe you posted about Ecuador and boobies and turtles and the equator and not Indiana! ;)

Ok, fine. I can. It looks amazing!

Heather Whitworth said...

Shannon, I want to be like you some day!

Kristy said...

All your fun trips make me so jealous!! I wish I lived your fun life!