Saturday, October 20, 2012

The good and the bad of the SoJo

So I just ran the SoJo Half Marathon this morning.  As I ran, I spend some quality time making a list of the good and the bad of this race.  Here we go.  Let's start with the bad:

The Bad:

  • And it kind of made me mad.  At mile 10, I started to get a major toe cramp in my right foot.  It would come and go.  This happened to me on my last half marathon.  By mile 11, it had spread through my foot and up my calf.  And it was in both legs.  It was so painful!  I ended up walking for a mile and a half.  I was so mad!  I wasn't as prepared for this half as I would have liked, so I knew my time wouldn't be great.  But up until mile 10, I was actually on my way to set a PR!  I was cruising!  Well, the walking ruined that.  As I sit here a couple hours later, my toe keeps cramping up.  It's killing me!
  • There was also a marathon going on at the same time.  They started 30 minutes before me.  I got passed at the end by the 1st and 2nd place marathon runners.  That's embarrassing.  Stupid foot cramps.  I would have easily come in before them if I hadn't been slowed.
The Good:
  • I finally got to wear my cute purple-laced shoes for a half marathon!  Who knows...maybe they brought on the cramps, but I'd like to say no because they're cute.  And I got a few compliments on them. :)
  • It was a BEAUTIFUL morning!  The temperature was perfect for a morning run at about 50-55 degrees.  As I waited at the start line, I got to see an amazing sunrise!
  • I got to run right by the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  I wish I'd had a camera.  There were some trees in front of it with amazingly colorful leaves, and the clouds behind it just looked so picturesque!
  • The Jordan River Trail is beautiful!  I want to go back and run on it.  That was at the end of the course, so that's where I was walking with the foot cramp issues.  To be optimistic, I'm glad I got to go slow to enjoy the scenery. :)
  • I got a Chick-Fil-A sandwich at the finish line.  Weird thing to eat after a race.  I actually wanted to throw up after running, but it seemed like a fun idea. :)
  • From the time I left my house this morning to the time I got home, I lost 4 pounds. :)
  • I got a sweet medal (I got this from their website).


Carie said...

do you need help with your toe? :) That sounds funny, doesn't it? oh well, let me know anyway.

Jake and Shell said...

You are so cute, Shannon! You ran right past my neighborhood. Im sorry about your crampy legs, but I'm glad it was a good experience. With a chick fil a ending and a 4 lb loss, I don't see a downside!!

New Beginnings 2012... said...

You crack me up! Really even after eating the chick-a-fil you lost 4 to lose weight: run a half marathon, eat a sandwich and that's it. You should sell this idea :)