Thursday, May 10, 2012

I can't believe how nice people can be!!!

I have a student who has told me about his grandma who sews and sells baby blessing dresses.  Yesterday morning, he stopped me in the hallway before school and pulled out this BEAUTIFUL white baby dress.

I was blown away at the detail and the beading and everything.  After I oohed and ahhed for a few minutes, I folded it carefully and put it back in his backpack.  I just figured he wanted to show me his grandma's amazing work.

THEN!  He came into his class a couple hours later and said, "My grandma actually wants you to have this."

Excuse me??  He couldn't be serious!

He ensured me that he was, indeed, being serious.  Apparently she thought I would appreciate it.  He said she occasionally gives them away, and she thought I would appreciate it.

Umm, yes I do!!!

I asked if he knew her address so I can send her a thank you card.  He didn't know it but told me her website.

I found the website.  I found an address and email address.  And I found the price of the dress she gave me.

Brace yourself...

Oh. My. Word.  I can't even believe it!  What a kind and generous woman!  She's never even met me!

There are good people in this world.


Sally said...

Wow! It is amazing! Lucky you.

Katie said...

That is beautiful! Oh my goodness. How sweet of her.

Amber and Travis said...

That is gorgeous! People are nice to you because you are so amazing and nice to them!!