Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tax refund at work!


(note the tv and stand...not necessarily the fact that Annie got 1st place on MarioKart...though that's pretty cool!)AFTER

Isn't that better?

After months of complaining that I couldn't see the tv across the living room, I finally broke down and bought a tv. My friend Ryan was kind enough to go to Costco with my roommates and I on Saturday night to pick out the best one. They were out of the one I wanted, so I had to wait until yesterday after work to get it at a different location.

It's so pretty...and huge! All 42" of it. :) Once we got it all set-up, we tested the wiring skills with Harry Potter. But once we knew it was working, we ended up watching Emma.Love that movie!

The most entertaining part may have been putting together the stand I bought (or carrying the box up the stairs...it was way heavier than the tv!) My roommates are amazing. Thanks for helping! Now we just need a nice person to help us put the doors on the stand...it's kind of tricky.


Ryan G said...

Ooooh! Its so pretty! I'm going to have to come over some day and stare at those 42" of beauty. :)

Halls Family said...

WOW! When you want to buy something, you really go all out don't you?! I'm sure your roommates didn't mind helping put together the stand since they get to enjoy such a beautiful piece of electronics. :) Happy watching and I can't wait to watch something on it with you!

Joleen said...

It is a glorious sight to behold. I will miss seeing it this week.

Katie said...

Very nice! I think we need to have a movie night at your place.