Thursday, September 24, 2009


I had a bad dream last night.

I wanted to call my mommy and ask for comfort because I was so scared.

I had a dream that Verizon charged me every time I pushed my snooze button on my phone alarm.

My bill was $700!

Yes, that's how often I snooze.

Sometimes I think I should feel bad because Annie can probably hear it going off...but she snoozes too, so it's not too bad :)


Jackie said...

I'm a snoozer too!

It's from target. They have smaller ones too! I LOVE IT

Carie said...

Shannon, I wish you'd blog more often. You always make me laugh!

PS...when do I get that prize?? :)

Jake and Shell said...

I'm sure a couple of my roomies hated me for the same reason! Now I have two little alarms that go off randomly and would probably just scream louder if I tried to "hit" their snooze buttons! :)

PS...stupid Verizon - it wouldn't suprise me... :)

Heather said...

That is so funny.. I wouldn't be surprised if someday somehow we did get charged for over sleeping.... Dang hidden fees!

Amber Lynn said...

Whatever, I think it's a brilliant plan. Just think how much more efficient I'd be!