Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Love is in the air...

This week has been full of engaged couples....

[ 1 ] My sister Natalie got engaged on Friday night!
Hooray for Natalie and Justin!!!
I'm so excited for you guys!

[ 2 ] I went to Salt Lake on Monday night and met my Uncle Alan's fiance, Sandy.

[ 3 ] The original reason I went to Salt Lake on Monday was to meet my cousin Trevor's fiance, Kristy.

[ 4 ] After 1st period on Tuesday, a student (I haven't even taught him in 2 years) approached me and said,
"Miss Lacey, are you married?"
(once again, students need a lesson in Miss vs. Mrs vs. Ms)
I replied with a "No, I am not", and he proceeded to get down on one knee and say,
"Miss Lacey, will you marry me?"
He had a big, fake ring and everything
(pretty sure he had just found it on the floor in the hall)
I said, "Oh! I feel so special! But you are WAY too young. Sorry dude." :)
He stood up and said, "Oh dang. It was worth a try!"

So it may have come from a 15 year old, but I did get a marriage proposal this week!


Katie said...

That is so cute. Your kids crack me up sometimes.

Kristy said...

HAHA! Love it!

Ashley said...

Oh come on Shannon! He's from ALPINE, which means he's rich! His parents would have supported you. What's 10 years when it comes to true love anyway?!

Jake and Shell said...

I agree with Ashley, however, maybe you should tell him to ask again in 3 years so we don't see a Dateline special about your personal affairs :)