Monday, April 20, 2009

Mini Golfing

A few days ago we went mini golfing for Annie and Rebecca's birthday (Annie is my roommate. Rebecca is my neighbor) It was so much fun! We went to Laser Assault in Provo to try out their mini golf course for the first time. It was so fun! It was all black lights and bright decorations that made for a great photo shoot...good times. :)

I'm such a moron...I love it. :)
Nice form, Rob.
Fly, Skyler! Fly!
Oh make me laugh.
Kristy, these pictures are dedicated to Dallin. :) These were some of my favorites with the T-Rex.
Go Cowgirl Cheryl!Don't worry...Rob saved usAnd now Skyler and the T-Rex are friends.I was trying to strangle him, but his neck was ginormous!
We really do love each other!
I think Annie and Cheryl may have actually kissed him...sick :)Nice
My roommate Alisha and the hot ape.
I dig snakes
Free Willy!
Cheryl and Rebecca were shouting, "Jonah! Pinocchio!" into the was hilarious.


Kristy said...

We have to take Dallin there! Shannon, I think I know where he gets his freakish love for dinos!

Katie said...

That place looks cool. I think I'll have to give it a try.