Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Straws

On Easter, my roommates and I got some sweet bunny shaped straws. After church we busted out the chocolate milk so we could try them.

This pictures makes me laugh. Anyone can be attractive when they suck through a straw. :) LtoR: Annie, Cheryl, me of course! (and yes, I wore black on Easter Sunday...turns out I don't own any fun/springy clothes...though I did have purple on under just can't see it here very well!)
Bunny ears to Cheryl....get it? :)My cheeks are killing me!Annie is dazedAlisha has special powers and can suck through a straw while smiling.
And my favorite part...the awesome bubbles!I love it!


Kristy said...

Umm, how old are you? Just kidding! Now I know why you teach Jr. High! My kids were blowing bubbles into their milk tonight at the dinner table and got in trouble. I think they would love to live at your house.