Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I feel so lost

All day today I have felt like something is missing in my life. I feel so confused
so lost
so incomplete
like I have no direction.
What is it that's missing in my life? You may be thinking, "Poor girl wants to get married and have kids."
The reason I feel so lost and confused is because
I left my cell phone at home!

It's KILLING me!

It's not like anyone ever calls or texts me, but I still feel like I've lost my little companion. Pathetic?
Yes indeed!


Katie said...

I know exactly what you mean. And it seems like when you do forget your phone, people always call you. Or even worse, you forget your phone and when you race back to it to get your messages, no one called you. That is very depressing.

Jake and Shell said...

Poor Shannon. I hope that by now you are reunited with your dear friendly companion. When no one else is around, you can always count on your cell to make you feel important. :) You are cute! xoxo

J@y kr{}LL said...

thats how I feel when I forget my calculator. LOL. I even take it to english with me because I feel naked without it. :) When I forget my cell.... it's like there is a gaping hole. :P