Monday, March 23, 2009

I don't get it

How can it be sunny and 75 degrees one day and a BLIZZARD the next day? I don't get it!

But hey, at least it's not raining ash like it is in Anchorage! Good luck with the volcano, Kristy!


Kristy said...

Um ya, I was so grateful for the snow we got this morning to cover up our yucky ash! Craziness! They say it could do this for months!

Rick said...

Those cartoon pics say it all!

I hope you are preparing for your "time off" this and I certainly are! I start my census training this morning..I am an enumerator now!

I will train today..then all next week in Anaconda.

Then...I'll get my own computer w/"locator" to make sure everyone lives where they say..and no where else-- LOCATION FOR EACH HOME..then each night I call Barak (we're on first name terms now) and tell him where all the loyal Dems live....and all the "radical..revolutionary Repubs" live! Ultimate Big Brother..and I'm part of it!!