Sunday, October 5, 2008

I love General Conference!

Conference makes me so happy! How lucky are we that we get to listen to modern day apostles and prophets every 6 months? While I was growing up, I never really watched the two Saturday sessions....I thought that was only something moms watched while tackling their 6 month ironing pile :) We usually had some sort of high school sporting event that went on during the sessions. Man was I missing out during all those years! I have learned so much in the past two days. I now I have a greater desire to become a better person, and hopefully I can align my actions with what I learned in the past two days!

It was even greater this morning because Mom and Dad were able to get some tickets for me. This was my first time going to Music and the Spoken Word before the Sunday morning session. It was so incredible, and it always still amazes me how a choir so large can sound so perfect! I got 4 tickets, so I took my friends Carie, Sharla, and Laura. We had so much fun (even in the rain)! We drove up to Sandy bright and early this morning and took Trax up to Temple Square. We took a few pictures with Sharla's iPhone while waiting...including a picture of these cute older people who were trying to figure out the ticket machine...

With Sharla and Laura

With Laura and Carie

Thanks for the tickets, Mom and Dad! We had so much fun!


Jackie said...

Is that Carrie Eastman?

Amber Lynn said...

You're tagged! Did you know I'm a fan of your blog? Or have I been secretly observing without letting you in? Hoping life is fabulous!