Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rise and Shout!

It's the time again....COUGAR FOOTBALL!!!

Yesterday BYU had its season opener against Northern Iowa. Let me break down this joyous event. It all started out with the pre-game party at my friend Carie's. There were lots (and I mean lots) of hot dogs, and face painting. Here is Carie getting her face painted by Amy and some girl I don't know...I think her name was Mary Beth?
Here I am with my pal Mel Merrill
Then we took off for the stadium. This year BYU decided to no longer do the rotating seats. Now I know this is how it used to be. And you would have to stand in line for hours to get good seats. This year the method of getting seats was stupid (sorry, that's just my opinion). You signed up online and they said whoever bought their tickets earliest would get good seats. They lie because I know plenty of people who had much better seats than I did. Now if you look at these pictures....

you will see a wall behind us. Yes, that's right...I paid $144 for season tickets (okay, it's for an all-sports pass that gets me into any other sporting event as well) that are 3 rows from the top!!! I was not too happy. But to look on the bright side, at least I'll get a workout every time I climb those stairs each week!!!

Now I might also point out that it was the hottest day ever (once again, exagerating...but it was really really hot and extremely sunny!) Whoever told us to wear navy blue shirts when it's 100 degrees outside must hate me. :) I almost passed out a couple times because of dehydration. The whole crowd was so quiet and not very exciting because we were all so hot. Apparently there were more paramedics in the stands taking care of fans than paramedics on the field (which is a lot...Northern Iowa had a lot of injuries) :) But thank goodness for the giant snow cones we got...they saved us. :)

Hooray for BYU football! Even though we didn't play all that well yesterday (and still won 41-17), and there aren't any night games (I love night games! They're all on Saturday afternoons) I'm still excited for the season. Go Cougs!


Jackie said...

So much fun! We miss it!

Josh-Sally-Annabelle Yates said...

What I can't believe is that you don't have 7 guys begging you to marry them. (Or do you?) You are so cute and you know how to have fun!