Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to school, back to school

That's right...I'm sitting in my classroom right now...remembering how cold it always is in here! I just got out of our lovely 5 hour opening faculty meeting. It's always fun coming to these and hearing the same thing year after year. I can't imagine how those who have taught 30+ years can handle it!

But there are all sorts of changes this year...We have 18 new faculty and staff members (for those who don't know, that's a LOT!!!) Last week I was asked to be head of the CTE (Career and Technical Education) department...so Tech classes, business, and FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences...that would be me). I would like to publicly thank Heather for ditching me and giving me this new responsibility in my life. Thanks, girl! :) I'll also be mentoring two new teachers this year (thanks again, Heather), which is funny because since I'm only a 3rd year teacher, I also have a mentor (who is my principal...thanks again, Heather) :)

I'll be teaching 4 classes this year (the most I've ever taught...Mom, I don't see how you teach K-12 music!) So you could say I'll be a bit busy this year. Who needs a social life, right? :) Well, back to work I go! I hope you're all doing well!


Jackie said...

After the first paragraph I was sad a little bit and found myself missing the start of school. SO exciting.

Then I kept reading. What are they trying to do to you? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That has to be a joke!

Good thing you are amazing! I thought you were off the hook for DC. Who are you mentoring? WOW! You are my hero!

Kristy said...

I sure hope you are getting a huge pay raise. Oh wait....that's right....you're a teacher on a huge salary already! Oh how I miss those days! Have fun!

Mindy said...

Oh yes. That meeting was a joy wasn't it? Seriously, the vast majority of rehearsals are done during school now, so if you ever need any help, I am right across the hall! It is a little fun to be back though, isn't it?