Monday, June 2, 2008

Jackson Hole / Grand Tetons!

Well first of all, SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!! I'm so excited! What better way to celebrate than to go with two of your best friends (Carie and Meagan) on a camping trip? We had so much fun and a lot of adventures! It all started off with a bang when we stopped at Walmart for last-minute supplies. After we left, I remembered that I needed to call Cherilyn. When I reached down to get my purse, it wasn't there! Naturally I was freaking out! Carie called Walmart, and I really nice employee went and searched and found it in the cart in the parking lot. Genius, Shannon. :)
The whole trip was beautiful! It made driving quite enjoyable. We even stopped in tiny Smoot, Wyoming...home of my good friend take some pictures. :) We got into our camp ground late that night and had a fun time setting up our tent in the dark. We had a camp fire and roasted everything from bananas to carrots...I don't think we ever even roasted one marshmallow! By then we were exhausted and ready for some sleep. It was a little chilly, but not all that bad!
We spent most of Saturday in Grand Teton National Park. We went on a hike around Jenny Lake. It was SOOO beautiful! I don't know how many times Carie said, "I'm in heaven." It was true! We did a bit of the hike through snow. We got half way around the lake and someone told us that the other half was completely covered in snow. We ended up taking a boat across part of the lake as a short cut, but we still ended up hiking probably 5 miles.
After the hike we found a place to shower and headed into Jackson to see a play that our friend Emily was in at the Pink Garter Theatre. It was so fun to see her, and she told the cast to interact with the three of was great. We also went to dinner that night. Other than our waiter being completely drunk, it was great fun! :)
Later that night we were so exhausted!! We went right back to our camp and fell asleep! On Sunday morning we visited with Emily again and went to church. We also had fun taking pictures around Jackson, but I'll have to post those pictures later when I get them from Carie. The ride home was so beautiful! We accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up coming down through Logan, but it was worth the view!
Enjoy some pictures! Click on the album to look at the pictures individually...


Halls Family said...

Hey Shannon, I just have to start out by saying, you look FABULOUS! I can tell you have lost weight! Mitch asked, "Who is that?" I told him it was his awesome Aunt Shannon and he said it didn't even look like you. (He meant that in a good way.)
I am so jealous that you went to the Grand Tetons,Jackon Hole, and most especially Colter Bay without me and all of my kids. Thanks for calling me though and reminiscing about our fun trip last summer. I wish we would have hiked around Jenny Lake, but as I remember we were too affraid of bears eating all of us, my kids as appetizers and you and me as the main course!
Love you, have a great summer break!

Kristy said...

Looks like tons of fun!! It was also good to see some familiar faces in those pics! You look great and I love the hair!

Josh-Sally-Annabelle Yates said...

These pictures make me even more excited for our first camping trip of the year coming up this weekend!