Saturday, March 31, 2012

Is it June?

Carie just said I need to blog.  I know, I's been a long time.  I've just been busy doing cool things (that...I know...I should blog about). I'll try to give a better update before I leave for Ireland.  In case you didn't see the countdown, I leave in a week!

But I just wanted to point out that I got a sunburn today.
A sunburn!

It's March 31st!

It was something amazing like 80 degrees today.

I went running for about 50 minutes, and that's all it took to give this pasty white skin a little red glow (and sweet burn lines to show where my watch, ipod, and socks were). 


Kelsey said...

Nothing like a snowstorm the day after this post to put you right back in your place eh? Welcome to April.