Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bad timing

Hey, remember me?  The girl who only blogs when she has something really "exciting" to talk about (like dental floss)?

Well today I'd like to talk about something equally exciting as dental floss:  tendonitis.

Every now and then, I get this pain in my foot.  It's a rather unpleasant, sharp pain every time I put pressure on my foot (which, in case you didn't know, is during every single step I take).  That pain came back again yesterday while I was working.  Turns out I have tendonitis.

Tendonitis?  Shouldn't stuff like that not come until I'm in my 50s?

I don't know if you know this, but I'm supposed to be running a half marathon in 72 hours!

It's rather helpful when your best friend works at a physical therapy office/clinic/gym.  Carie had me come in last night to work a little magic on my foot.  We'll do that again tonight.  If anything, it's fun to hang out with her for an hour while she does this!

Hopefully I'll be cured by Saturday morning.  Tendonitis or not, I want to run this thing. :)


Carie said...

Yay for parties at work!! Shhh on telling everyone. :) Just kidding.

I hope it helps.
Other tips I have to help you make it through:
DO NOT eat the goo/gu.
DO NOT take your shoes off.
DO stretch.
DO party with your family.
DO soak up some good rays for me while there.
DO NOT eat the goo/gu. Trust me this time, OK?

Have fun! Good luck!