Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Destination Running

Someone once told me that running is a relatively inexpensive hobby.  

Not the way I do it!  

In the past week, I've agreed to run two races.  My sister Cherilyn asked if I wanted to come down to Phoenix in March and run the Phoenix Half Marathon with her.  Sure!  Why not?!  I'll just pay the slightly expensive registration fee.  No big deal.  Oh wait, I need to buy a plane ticket down there.  I guess I can handle that.  

Then I got an email last night from my brother-in-law, Steve, asking if I'd want to be on his Ragnar team for the Northwest Passage race in July.  Sure!  Why not?!  I'll just pay the really expensive price for registration, gas, etc.  No big deal.  Oh wait, I need to buy a plane ticket up there.  I guess I can handle that, too.

Plus the running shoes I bought in June have already worn down pretty far.  So I bought new shoes on Saturday.  They aren't cheap! But they were on sale!

So is this true?
Well, not when I'm a destination runner and go to other states to do it.
But this is true, so it's all worth it...


heather said...

Lol, I love that water bottle saying. But yeah I think running can be expensive for sure. So cool that u are running a Ragnar! good luck!

Ashley said...

I LOVE your posts Shannon!!! And where did you find that water bottle? I need it. :)

Tammy said...

Amen, sister...running is NOT cheap. You were going to fly up to see me anyway, so the $ doesn't count toward your running budget. But we budget QUITE a bit of money towards running, but a happy hubby is totally worth it! Glad you found a hobby you enjoy that also helps you be healthy and explore the country. :)

Katie Curtis said...

Agreed! I just signed up for a 10k...paid the money and don't even get a shirt!! When you're here in July, lets meet up for lunch or something!