Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Morning Confidence

I just had a great interaction with a co-worker.  For those of you who work/have worked at my school, I'll give you one guess who he is... :)

Co-worker:  You look old today.
Me: Wow, thanks. I'm not sure that's considered a compliment.
Co-worker: Well it's true.  You look old.  Yesterday you didn't.
Me: Well thanks (insert heavily sarcastic tone).
Co-worker: Yesterday I'd say you looked like you were 21. Today it's more like 32.
Me:  Sorry for the confusion. I'll be sure to never wear this outfit or my hair like this again.
Co-worker:  Okay, have a nice day!



Katie said...

Seriously, men are so clueless sometimes. My favorite was when I was pregnant and my male coworkers would make comments. "Wow, you got huge over the weekend."

Cristi said...

WOW, you should date him, he's such a charmer... :)

Adam and Brittany said...

Does his name rhyme with Pohn?

Ashley said...

Ha ha. Gotta love him!

Heather Whitworth said...

Geez, what an idiot. Some guys just don't have any tact what-so-ever. And I know exactly who you are talking about, did you comment to him how HE looked?

RL Lacey Family said...

euooo! Don't let him close to me! I would file harassment charges if I were you. RUDE!!

Joseph & Julianna said...

I miss Timberline!