Friday, September 9, 2011

It's finally Friday

I wanted to find a picture of quicksand to post as my picture. Because that's how I'm feeling this week.  The harder I work, the more buried I get.  I can't seem to get ahead, and it's frustrating!  I stay late at work, and my to-do list grows.  I asked my principal if I could win a prize if my car was the last one in the parking lot all week.  He brought down a granola bar yesterday morning. That works. :)  

But as I tried to find a good picture of quicksand, I found this...

And it made me laugh.  
But I guess I also feel like this poor horse whose head is stuck in a tree.


Carie said...

Can I plllllease copy this post and put it on my blog?

I sure hope this week is better. Let's play on Tuesday night!!

Your bff's Amy & Amanda will be there...oh, and me too! :)

Shannon said...

Of course you can!