Friday, June 10, 2011

Monticello/Moab Trip

Over Memorial Day weekend, my roommate Annie and I took a little trip to the middle of nowhere.  Two summers ago, Annie and I decided we wanted to go to every temple in Utah.  It's taken us longer than we thought, but we're almost done!  We checked off another one when we went to Monticello.

We left after school on Friday and arrived there late that night.  Hotel pickings are slim there, so we stayed at a stinky place that smelled like the old brown trailer that some of our old ranch hands would live back in Drummond.  I'm thinking only my family and the Mackay's will appreciate how sick that is! :)

I can't believe Monticello has a temple.  It's such a tiny town!  But the temple was beautiful!
After the temple, we drove up the road to Moab for lunch.  We ate at this place that had the most amazing omelets I think I'll ever have.  Who knew that salmon and avocado was a good combination?  Trust's delicious!
Then we hit Arches National Park for an afternoon of hiking to Double O Arch.

It was so nice to leave the great rains of Utah County to enjoy some sunshine!  Don't worry, as soon as we came out of Spanish Fork Canyon, it was raining again.  Shocking.


Katie said...

That is a really cool goal. Very pretty pictures, too.