Friday, October 29, 2010

I love Halloween!

Seriously, I love all the dressing up that comes with Halloween.  I know it's not for two days, but today is dress-up day at school.  I've already seen some great things.  One of my favorites was a kid dressed up like "facebook".  He had a big poster board that had a giant printout of a facebook page.  Then he cut out a hole for his head to go where the profile picture goes.  It was so funny!

Another favorite may be Rachel's costume (Rachel that I work with).  She dressed up like string cheese.  It's so funny!  I'll have to take pictures today and post them.  It's so fun walking through the halls and seeing what people come up with.  There have already been a lot of dress code violations this morning.  One of my students is wearing a full-body, skin-tight leotard, and is an 80s aerobics instructor.  On the same lines, my T.A. dressed up in an Avatar costume.  It's just a tight, blue leotard.  Oh the things these kids do.

I love it, though.  It's fun to see their personalities come out more.

What did I do this year?  I went back to my Statue of Liberty costume.