Monday, May 3, 2010

Once again...I should have been a doctor

Remember how my day ended on Friday? (see previous post) Well, my Monday morning also started off with a bang!

I had a few students in my room working on their quilts before school started. A couple minutes before school was going to start, a girl came running up to me and said, "Someone just cut her hand with a rotary cutter, and it's REALLY bad!"

She wasn't kidding. This girl was gushing blood. It was sick! So I gave her something to compress it while I tried not to throw up all over. Then I took her down to the office. They called her dad, and she is currently getting stitches.

I know I'm a sewing teacher, but I don't think I could sew THAT!

Sorry, no pictures this time (unless you want me to take a pictures of the really bloody blade I had to thank you! Sick!!!)

19.5 days of school left!


Joleen said...

Ew!!! You are having all sorts of luck at school these days. Please don't bring the blade home in a plastic bag. I don't want to see it.