Friday, April 2, 2010


I made it!

Spring break officially began an hour ago!

Here are my plans...
Tonight: Birthday party for Cheryl (old roommate)
Tomorrow: General Conference and hopefully hang out with the Katies (old roommates) during Priesthood session
Sunday: General Conference possibly at Aunt Joanne's
Monday: Hang out with Carie. Massage (just booked it!). Read the new Fablehaven book
Tuesday: Sleep in. Maybe I'll watch Pride and Prejudice (the long one!)
Wednesday-Sunday: Oregon!


Katie said...

I feel so honored to have made it into your spring break plans. I also really like your idea of watching the long P&P. I love that movie.

Carie said...

Did you book ME a massage too? Because if you, medication, & a massage all at the same time. THIS could be fun. :)

Ashley said...

I want a massage too. I think you owe it to me. Somehow.
Sooo glad you made it to spring break. Did your students?