Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What I love about Drummond

I went home to Montana this past weekend. I brought my roommate Annie and we picked up our friend Alisa in Idaho along the way. It's always fun to bring friends home because they point out the little, unique things that I forget are so great. Here are a few of those great things that I look forward to whenever I go home...

  • The pins moms wear at basketball games that have a picture of their child on it. Alisa made one with a hand-drawn picture of me that said, "Go Shannon Lacey!"
  • The funny books on the tables at the Wagon Wheel
  • Driving on whichever side of the road doesn't have pot holes
  • I feel like a celebrity
  • Cowboy themed baby showers
  • Glenn Mackay pointing out that he is taller than I am
  • The nasty water at the church (okay, so that's not a great thing, but it's something to count on whenever I'm home!)
  • Waving at every car when you pass them on the highway
  • Really cold tap water
  • Lela's shoes always match her outfit (they were red this time)
  • Saying "They're my neighbor!" when they live a mile away
  • How stinking nice everyone is
  • Everyone asking why I'm not married yet
  • Cow crossing signs
  • At church, everyone calls each other "brother and sister", but instead of putting their last name after it, they put their first name. Examples....Brother A.J. or Sister Margaret
  • Seeing my parents! (Dad's in Utah right now, so I saw him before I left)
What do YOU love about Drummond?


Kristen said...

cow tipping, the airport, testi festi-i still need a shirt :), no cell reception when you have a flat tire, herding cows on 4wheelers, cruising main street...all good times in drummond

Mel said...

that you're a product of such a wonderful place. :)

Mel said...
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Carie said...

That cows AND bulls moo up there...who knew? :) Oh! Oh! And the high school hallway!!!!

PS That video is still to come.

Laura... and the boys said...

I love all the cool people who come from Drummond!

Halls Family said...

Carie says she likes the hs hallway, but she has never really experienced it. I'm sure she's saying this in a mocking tone, but it brings back great memories. Great people, bridge jumping, shooting gofers during lunch break, sports is life, feeding calves with a bottle, swathing as a 12 year old dreaming Christian or Jared Parker would ride up on their swather and save me if I were a damsel in distress(I can't believe I just confessed that!), the sherriff just gave me a warning and told me how great I played in my last basketball game when I was definitely speeding past Bridgwater's house, you know where everyone lives and everything else about them. Oh, I could go on and on, but the people are definitely the best! I'm glad you had fun!!

Sally said...

I love that Drummond is where we both grew up so that's how I know YOU! Also, you can count on my grandparents sitting in their car watching "Drummond TV" downtown, when you get married the sign at the gas station will have your name and a congratulations note (wonder if they still do that with the new owners?), the cool kids have kool-aid parties instead of beer parties on the weekends....I could go on and on!

Meagan said...

That it produced Shannon Lacey, and that I drove through it on my way to move to Virginia last summer!

Alaine said...

Now that is a hard question to answer!! It is definitely the great people.  But so much more.  I love your list.  I think Glenn REMINDS you that he is taller than you EVERY time that you come home!   I'd love to hear the details of the 'cow tipping' that Kristen listed!  Yes, Drummond is a small spot in the road, with not much going on, but we love it when some of those that we've 'exported' out of here, come back for a visit.  I guess that we all take a little credit in the fine young people that you have become.

Halls Family said...

Alaine, you are definitely right in taking some credit in how we turned out. The saying, "A village makes a child." applies to Drummond whole heartedly! Whether the child turns out right because the people of the village influenced the child, or because the child was affraid to make a mistake because the whole village would find out about it doesn't matter. As long as they turn out to be a good person. :)

Mindy Curtis said...

Whenever I went to church at home people asked me why I wasn't married. Love that feeling. It's the best!

Now they ask me why I'm not pregnant... :)

AG said...

So many things!! Every time I'm home I love seeing everyone, and miss those I don't see. The thing I love most is the people!

Carie said...

No no no! I wasn't mocking Drummond or the high school hallway. I love Drummond! I just saw a part of the high school and have heard a lot of fun stories about that high school.

...I hope I didn't offend anyone. If I did tell them sorry for me Shannon. :)