Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Halloween Fun!

I know Halloween was two weeks ago, but I'm always delayed on posting! On Halloween night, I went with my roommate Annie and her siblings and cousin to a Jekyll and Hyde musical (ya, who knew it was a musical?) Before we left, they all came over for some Halloween fun!

Here are all of us with our sweet, last-minute costumes. We were trying to be in character, and I didn't know what to do for Statue of Liberty. I forgot that she has a serious face. Oops on the smile.
Left to right...
Me--Statue of Liberty (my Mike Wazowski costume was too big to take to a play!)
Erick--Taking it to the Disco
Annie--Olympian (good excuse to wear our medals from a ward olympic activity)
Kaylee--Hokie Pokie Instructor
Jared--Vampire (of the non-Cullen variety)
Jamie--Walmart Employee

Annie had some eyeball ice cubes. The eyeballs were apparently edible, but Kaylee was the only one brave enough to try one.We had glow in the dark fingernail polish. We were "charging" them before we turned out the lights.Evil Statue of LibertyI used a lighter as my torch (note how Erick is still "charging" his fingernails...pretty sure this is the only way to get a guy to paint his fingernails!)