Tuesday, August 11, 2009

April 6, 2005

Here is one of the stories that Carie reminded me of that I wrote to her a few years ago....

So I went to bed at 3 or so this morning. I was pretty stinkin tired
this morning so I just skipped my 8am class. Apparently I was still
pretty tired because I was just not paying attention when I put my make-up on...

Usually I start out with my foundation. But for some odd
reason I did my eyes first. Right after I put my mascara on, I did my
Somehow I went right over one of my eyes with my little
foundation pad, so my eyelashes got all gooped together.

So I was still holding my open bottle of foundation in my hand and grabbed my
mascara to fix my clumpy eyelashes. (This really is the kind of mascara I use...I don't remember ever using another kind. I love it!)
I went to put my mascara stick back into the tube, and where do you think it actually went?
Right into the bottle of foundation.

I'm a moron.

So I had to pull it out and wash it off. I haven't tried using the mascara again, but I'm
guessing it's going to be a little screwed up for a while until the
brush can actually be covered in stuff again. Plus my foundation has
black swirls in it. It's lovely! Anyway....that's my stupid story for
the day.


Katie Curtis said...

I found your blog and hope we can be blog buddies!

Carie said...

I think the HSM 4 takes the cake. :)

Shannon said...

So Carie are you saying that you don't want to be the winner? You think Amelia beat you? :)

Carie said...

No no no. Just of the ones she posted HSM 4 wins. :)

Alycia said...

Thanks for the funny story, that made my day. :) I have a sewing question for you... kind of. Where do you find such cute fabric for things? I loved those bags you made!