Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My not-so-evil scheming

I have been having so much fun telling lies to my parents this week. I know this sounds bad, but it was all for a good purpose! My parents celebrated their 40th anniversary on Saturday, and my mom is celebrating her ____th birthday today (I have blanked out her age at her request) :)

A couple months ago I decided to come up to help them celebrate! My sisters Natalie and Cherilyn decided that they wanted to come too...but they wanted it to be a surprise!

First came Cherilyn and cute little Amie on Wednesday
(I would like to thank facebook for helping me get these pictures...my camera didn't work this week)
My parents were shocked! Mom was changing the sprinkler when they pulled up. I told Dad to come outside and he was so excited!
Then came Natalie on Thursday
This is where a lot of the lies came from. I didn't know how to get to Missoula to pick her up without my parents knowing. So I told them that I was going to visit an old roommate (Reichman, I used you...apparently you and Todd moved to Montana so Todd could go to school. hee hee) It became tricky because Mom had a meeting in Missoula that night, so we arranged for someone else to take her home. We thought someone in town would slip about Natalie coming, but they were surprised when she walked into the house!

We thought those were the only two surprises, but my brother Paul called me on Sunday to see if I could stay another day to pick him up from the airport!
He came in this morning, so I told my parents that I was going back to Utah. I packed my car and everything...but I just went to Missoula to pick him up instead! Mom was in at her school working on stuff, so we went into the school to surprise her! Then she called Dad to have him come in for Birthday lunch at the Wagon Wheel, and we snuck up behind him. It was so great!

I've been surprised at how good I am at telling lies...I should be worried, but I was starting to feel really guilty! I think I'll hold off on the lies for awhile, but they sure are fun!


Laura... and the boys said...

What a FUN surprise!! I once secretly flew from AZ up for my mom's b-day and had my dad tell all the lies (which he's not very good at) to get me home from the airport... I'm surprised it all worked out! It makes it so much more fun for parents when they don't know about it!

Alaine said...

I'm worried about the lies too. Hope you can control yourself now!

Tammy said...

You rock, Shannon! I'm so proud of your lying skills. I know how hard it was--I had to lie to my friend for a few months about going to Cancun, but it's fun. :)

Carie said...

I'm glad you posted pictures of your siblings. :) All that training in lying years ago...glad it finally paid off.

Jake and Shell said...

That's funny...there was a time when EVERY visit was a surprise in our family! It kind of bites though when someone 'thinks' you're coming and you're not...major dissapointment! Happy Anniversary Rick and Linda!! :)