Monday, January 19, 2009

I like to hike!

When we got back from Christmas break a couple weeks ago, my roommate Annie and I were bummed that we had to go back to school. So we had to start making plans for Martin Luther King Jr Day to keep us motivated to make it until the next "big" break! When she asked what we wanted to do, the first thing that came sputtering out of my mouth was "snow shoeing!" I've never been before, but I really want to! Hiking is one of my very favorite things to do during the summer, and I'm trying to make myself love snow, so I thought this would do it! Well, it hasn't snowed for a few days (which I am NOT complaining about!), and we wanted to snow shoe on new snow, so we went for regular hiking in the snow for today!
We had so much fun! I went with Annie and three of her siblings (Jason, Jared, and Kaylee) as well as our friend Sam. We just went on a short hike (it was cold...we didn't want to be out for too long!) up this little canyon thing in Pleasant Grove. Annie and Jason had been up there in the summer and said there was a cool little waterfall, so we thought we'd go see what it was like during the winter! The pictures don't show how cool it was, but it was amazing!


Jackie said...

My friend got me some, but THANKS SO MUCH for thinking of me.

Mappin's kids are old enough for girl scouts! WOW!

You are so sweet to think of me.
Love ya!