Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am thankful for...

So I've been looking through some blogs and have noticed that a lot of people had posted about what they are grateful for in honor of Thanksgiving. Now I can't include everything, because that would take a LONG time! So here are a few.

  • Gas prices going down...$1.59 today!
  • "Perfect Pumpkin" scent from Bath and Body Works...I LOVE it!!
  • My car...I still love "Edward" :)
  • Harry Potter...I know I'm pathetic, but I just love those books. Though I did go on an HP fast for a couple of months, but I finally gave in on Sunday!
  • Nyquil...it got me through Thanksgiving break :)
  • My job...shocker, I know...but those kids just make me laugh every single day (maybe not ALL of the kids make me laugh, but I'm speaking generally)
  • My funny roommates...never a dull moment here!
  • Incredible friends...I don't know why I'm so lucky to have such amazing people in my life...but I'm not going to complain! :)
  • My family...oh goodness I love my family! I just wish we were all closer!!
  • Conference edition of the Ensign...what's not to love?
  • My testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ...I know I hear this a lot, but really I can't imagine my life without the church and my testimony of my Savior!


Cristi said...

Shannon I am such a slacker! I am still carrying your invitation to Alana's (Steve's finance in case you hadn't heard!) Bridal shower on Saturday in my purse! I'll mail it today but I'm not sure it will get to you in time so I figured I better tell you about it as well. It is on Saturday at Joanne's house from 4-6pm. It's an open house. It took me awhile to get your address from Joanne and then I totally spaced mailing it. SORRRY!

crystal said...

Shannon you cute girl, how are you!? Yes I'm having a baby, due sometime in the middle of march, the doctors can't really pin down an official day, anytime from the 11th to the 21st. Anyway, we're having a girl and we're so excited. Hope your christmas goes great, you look fantastic!

Josh-Sally-Annabelle Yates said...

You just brought back the memory of the science class haircut! How could I have forgotten about that? I am blaming that incident on getting me started cutting my hair short which then led to many bad school pictures. I know you've got a yearbook, those were some bad hair-dont's!

Mindy said...

What a great post. And it's okay... I'm greatful for my job too. Hey, it pretty fun most of the time. :)

Heather said...

Amen sista... Amen!!!

Ashley said...

I am thankful that you made this all Christmas color-y. It makes me so happy!

Marilyn said...

Your blog is so cool! I've really wanted to see a picture of your dad and tonight I found it...on...your...blog! There are no words. Ok, I lied! there are soooo many words, but they'd just sound creepy coming from his sister. Eeewwww... Anyway, I also found out that Lacey has been managing my Facebook account all along. She has misused the power to accept/reject my potential friends/foes. I've waited for that power my whole life and it was ripped from my very paws/claws/bedazzled clutch purse. (Don't judge me.) Anyway... great blog page and you look pretty hot as well. See? Creepy