Friday, November 28, 2008

Katie and Todd's Wedding

So this was clear back on October 10th, but I've never gotten around to blogging about it! I drove out to Denver for my friend Katie's wedding. This was my first time visiting Denver, and I loved it!! After growing up with Denver stations on our TV (weird, I parents hated the local stations) I had always wanted to go to Colorado! I drove down with my friends Ryan and Katie George (so many Katies, I know...try living with both of them the same time. We usually just called them by their last names).

In front of the Denver Temple with Katie George.
We met up with Becca and Crystal...two other bridesmaids (I stole a couple of these pictures from Ryan and Katie's blog...thanks guys :) )

This is just a good ol' cheesy shot of me...I was trying to show off my fretty flowers :)Katie's (the bride one) brother Brent is on a mission in Prague, so they got a life-size cut out made of him. :) You better believe everyone had fun with it! Happy Birthday, Elder Reichman! :)

At the reception center (which was amazing, by the way...I want to marry someone from Denver just so I can have my reception there!!) there was an old red telephone booth. We had fun taking pictures in there (even after we found that there were a billion sleeping hornets in there!)

Anyway, good times in Denver! Congrats, Katie and Todd!


Josh-Sally-Annabelle Yates said...

Too bad you were traveling with other friends, you could have stopped or stayed at my house!

Katie said...

Yay for weddings. Thanks for coming with us.