Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Office Season Premier!

I knew of at least 7 people who were throwing a party for the season premier of The Office on Thursday night. The hour long episode was hilarious, and it was even more entertaining as I party hopped during commercials! I was so impressed at how "into it" some people got with their decorations...I loved it!
Of course, what's an Office party without office supplies stuck in Jello? :)

For Halloween at school last year, I dressed up as Pam and made this badge (thanks to the idea from Katie and Ryan!) I got it out again for the party on Thursday :)

I'm so excited that the Office is back!


Jackie said...

Last year the premiere was the same night as parent teacher conferences! I almost killed myself! But then Moana helped me sneak out early...don't tell.

It's ok though, I was pregnant!

Katie said...

That was the best costume ever. I wish I would have come with you to some office parties. We watched it with Ryan's nieces. They were a bit distracting.

Tammy said...

Thanks for the idea! Now I know what I'll be for Halloween!