Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dear Winter

Dear Winter, I am writing this letter in behalf of those who are STILL receiving visits from you. Your friends Sleet and Snow have been badgering us for the past 6 months. We can tolerate an occasional visit in October and November, and it's obvious that you will send your forces to us through December, January, and February (which were especially brutal months this year, I might add!) But it's APRIL for crying out loud! In fact, we are mere days from MAY! Why do you insist on torturing us so? Let your friends Spring and Summer have their turn. I keep seeing them try to poke their heads out behind the curtains, but you're always there to take away the limelight! Your time is through. The glory days are over.

Go away,



Kristy said...

Amen Sister!!! You'll have to read my new post to understand how behind you I am on this letter of yours!