Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My "amazing" observation

So I had scheduled an observation today by one of the assistant principals. All last night and this morning I was really nervous. He was coming to a class that is really quiet and too shy to participate. But suddenly today they were participating and the lesson was actually REALLY good! So I start the lesson and the principal wasn't there yet. I figured it was the beginning of school, and he probably was busy making sure kids were in class. Then15 minutes went by...then 30...then an hour. With 10 minutes left in class he walked in my room. He had forgotten! He was taking care of a problem child this morning and just spaced it. I was so mad!!! So now I have to find another day for him to come and go through the whole nervous process again. Anyway, that's all!


crystal said...

Hello cute Shannon, it's your old roomie Crystal. It's fun to see your blog and what you're up to. Good luck with your next observation day, from the sounds of it you'll do great.