Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm a blogger!

Well Paul, you inspired me. I thought I'd create a blog to post some pictures because everyone keeps telling me that I need to send pictures! Plus I got an amazing camera for Christmas from Santa, so I thought I'd show off its skills! :o) I'm not smart enough to create a link to the pictures, so I'm just going to put them on this page. :o)
Well, I'm enjoying my day off today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day! I just wish it were at least 50 degrees warmer! Right now it's about -10 degrees. Mom and Dad, I know this is still warmer than what you've been dealing with this week, but it's still cold enough! We even woke up to ice-covered windows! (Yes, the ice is on the inside of our windows)
I'll post another blog about school later, but here are some pictures of my past couple weeks. I spent New Year's Eve at my old roommate Katie's condo at Snowbird Resort. Her whole extended family goes up there every year for Christmas, so there was a lot to do! We had fun playing games and chatting all night. Katie's little brothers even decorated me and named me Miss 2007!
Some of you might remember my old roommate, Kristen. She just got back from her mission in Japan. She actually went to the same mission where Collin Lacey is going! She's living with me again. We've had fun catching up during the past few weeks. We've been going to BYU basketball and volleyball games, and we even got to meet Captain Jack Sparrow! :o) This giant cut-out belongs to her sister-in-law. I couldn't resist a picture!


Kristy said...

You are so dang cute!

Lacer said...

Awesome Shannon! What a watershed moment in your life! Keep it up to date for us. :-)