Friday, July 2, 2010

ShicShoppe Giveaway!

Now I know how much some of you LOVE blog giveaways

So I want to tell you about my pal Sal's giveaway on her blog
 (Sorry, Sally...I couldn't resist the my pal Sal's been years since I've said that!)
ShicShoppe makes these stinking cute little girl dresses, onesies, jewelry (for we grown-ups too!) 

And I must mention that her models are pretty cute too!

She's working on getting the word out, so she's having a giveaway!
The winner gets an item of choice from ShicShoppe!

I don't necessarily care if I win (see previous post about how I'm not very competitive), but I want to help get the word out!

Go check out Shic Shoppe!


Sally said...

Good luck!

Sally said...

Oh, and I loved the "my pal Sal" reference! :)

Jackie said...

Did I see that you just won? My good luck rubbed off! YAY!

Jackie said...

HA! School is going to kick your butt! Sorry!